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Sugar Replies to Your Questions:

Dear Sugar,

We've been married for 28 years now and my husband is still fixated with photography no matter how much I have tried to wean him off that silliness, he likes nature photography and can be gone for hours at a time!  What can I do to stop this madness!!

Frustrated in Banff

Dear FIB

Therapy can sometimes help with this dire situation, but it is tough to get a person to admit that they have a problem ... however, that is the first step in any successful recovery program.  Sending me this email is a good first step in understanding your problem, maybe your husband can help get you into in the right therapy classes there in Banff now.

Stay film my friend!




G’day Sugar,

I have a choice between two lenses, a 50mm f1.4 or a 35mm f2 … which would be the correct purchase?

Undecided in Sydney

Dear UIS

Yes, that is indeed an unfortunate choice of words you've used, the correct English would be a 50mm f1.4 AND a 35mm f2 ... and that is exactly what Visa cards and lines of credit are designed for, shifting the responsibility of your current needs over to your declining years, at which time 'or' would be more the proper English ... but until that time AND is the correct attitude when it comes to buying camera equipment mate!

Stay film my friend!




Hello Sugar:

I started using digital on a casual basis five years ago, nothing serious, just once in awhile we would go out, and now we have grown really close over the past three.  We see everything together, and I have fallen in love with digital.

A few months ago, my camera sent me an error message saying it needed to tell me a “secret.”  It went on to say that its’ sensor was dirty and that its' CPU was overloaded, that it needed to shut down on me!  Needless to say, that bombshell floored me.

I’m beside myself now, I’m in love with digital but I know if I forgive it this time it will only betray me again in the future.  What should I do!

Broken Hearted in New York


What an unusual thing to have happen with digital, and after such a short period of time of only five years!  Wow, who would have seen that one coming!  I can truly see why you would be floored at such news!

Stay film my friend!