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Photolucents - Karen Cooper

Karen Cooper Photography launched her exciting new “Photolucents” line at the Interior Design Show West at the Vancouver Convection Centre in September 2012.

Photolucents marries Karen's beautiful photography with cutting edge digital technology to create unique and visually striking décor products.

Photolucents allows designers to fulfill their clients’ needs for room dividers, window, door and cabinet inserts, kitchen and bathroom back splashes, as well as shower enclosures using elegant functional art. Products are offered in both acrylic and glass, and are signed by the artist.

“I am taking photography to a new level,” said Karen, “making it both beautiful and functional for home décor. I want to help people incorporate the beauty of nature into their living environments. Bringing the outdoors inside creates spaces that people can enjoy and thrive in.”

Please contact Karen for sizes and pricing.

Woodblocks - Karen Cooper

'The Ancient Giant' woodblock series allows the collector to experience a primeval moment uniquely captured in the living essence of wood.

The Sumas Elm

Standing at the foot of Sumas Mountain in Abbotsford, British Columbia, this ancient elm is a proud survivor of the old growth forest that once surrounded the village of Clayburn.  Nestled in a deep ravine, fortuitously inconvenient to logging efforts, it escaped the fate of many of its neighbours who succumbed to the kilns of Clayburn's prosperous brick industry.  Estimated to be 800-1200 years old, this elm is a beautiful and humbling reminder of the earth's wonders, as well as the natural heritage we have lost.    

Etched in Memory

'The Ancient Giant' woodblock series is a reflection of Karen Cooper's enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of photographic expression.  The essence of Karen's thoughtful black and white images, and the spirit of her subjects, emerge from kiln-dried maple panels through a unique laser etching process.  Remarkably fine in depth and detail, the Ancient Giants woodblock series seeks to honour and celebrate British Columbia's natural and cultural treasures.